The Song of The Severn

The Song of the Severn

This is a selection of images from my current PhD photographic research project at The University of Gloucestershire.

The methodology comprises of both traditional and experimental photography which is complimented by an autoethnographic approach and reflective practice. It is concerned primarily with the impact of humans upon the non human in this environment. It has a particular interest in habitat loss, species decline and the effects of global warming. 

Taking inspiration from the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus it explores the transitory nature of existence and identity. It views environment not as stable but rather as a process of continuous flux.

The photographic methods will;

A. Explore the representation of environment as dynamic continuum where light, time and space are neither isolated nor rendered motionless.

B. Create an artistic space that provides an audience with an imaginative insight into where the boundaries between the human and the non-human are dissolved and instead recognises the continuities between them.


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